American Response Vehicles offers a unique preventative maintenance service for all of our customers.

As part of our ARV Advantage program, our team will come to your location to perform a comprehensive conversion inspection as well as a technical diagnosis and repair on site.

Pricing for the ARV Advantage Program is dependent on the frequency of inspections, which can take place annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Note that any of our non-warranty repairs/inspections can also be performed on non-AEV vehicles.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program Features

The comprehensive ARV Advantage Program includes regular inspection and maintenance for more than 150 points on your vehicle.

Some of the  program’s main inspection focuses include but are not limited to the:

    • Complete electrical system
    • All warning, DOT, scene, and ground lighting
    • Headlamps and signals
    • Siren and air horn
    • Shoreline plug and inlet
    • Battery charger and inverter
    • 110v outlets and breakers
    • 12v and USB outlets
    • Cot mount, antlers, cot locking bar
    • Stryker Power Load System function
    • Torque on nadar bolts
    • Torque on aftermarket suspension
    • Complete underbody
    • Test batteries
    • Terminal/cable ends
    • Auxiliary air conditioning output
    • Condenser for damage or debris
    • Oxygen regulator and transducer
    • Oxygen bottle bracket(s)

During the inspection, the technician will also lubricate all of your vehicle’s latches, door handles, and other contact points to prevent any continual damage from regular wear and tear.

After your complete inspection, the technician will provide an estimate of any needed or recommended repairs found throughout the process. If you decide to go forward with any of the repairs, we can perform the work on site.

Get the ARV Advantage

Contact us anytime to sign onto ARV Advantage or to ask us questions about the program. We look forward to showing you our commitment to always offering first-class service. Give us a call and let us go to work for you. 573-443-8881 or 1-888-448-8881. You can also request more information or a free quote from the form below.

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