Service Areas

Here, at American Response Vehicles we feel that service after the sale is just as important as the sale because we know that your overall experience with our dealership is how you will decide on future purchases. This is why we want your every experience to be as comfortable for you as possible, we strive to have the best service personnel ready and available to answer your questions and concerns.

We have a fully stocked service vehicle that can come to your facility or we can work your vehicle into our service center.  We are able to take care of your service P.M.s, Suspension work, H VAC and any other service work your vehicles need.

We look forward to showing you our commitment to always offering first class service, so give us a call and let us go to work for you. 573-443-8881 or 1-888-448-8881.


Serving Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa


Ned Clifton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Iowa & Western Missouri
Cell: 573-864-6668 || Office: 573-443-8881, ext: 110


Craig Smith, Regional Sales Manager
Missouri & South West Illinois
Cell: 573-999-7008


Kevin Hunter, Regional Sales Manager
Chicago Land
Cell: 847-840-0029


Tim Leitnaker, Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 573-489-5098


Bill Harrod, Regional Sales Manager
Central Illinois, Indiana, & Western Kentucky
Cell: 573-607-4656