2018 Christian Hospital EMS Custom Ford Ambulance


Congratulations to Christian Hospital EMS located in North St. Louis County on the delivery of (6) Type I AEV ambulances, on Ford F450 4×2 SWB Chassis. Thank you for choosing to work with American Response Vehicles and our Staff. These Custom AEV ambulances host a series of custom features designed not only to provide a higher level of patient care, but provider safety.


Key Features

  • Liquid Spring Suspension
  • Whelen Emergency Lighting
  • LED Go Spot Light
  • 6” inch Body Drop ahead of the rear wheels on both Curbside and Street Side of the Conversion
  • CompMulti-Point Restraints in all Patient Compartment Seating Locations, Provides a Higher Level of Safety
  • 100 Series CompX eLock for Narcotics Security
  • Stair Chair Storage on the Street side Rear Compartment Door
  • Rearview Mirror Monitor and Mounted Backup Camera
  • LED Patient Compartment Lighting
  • Recessed Overhead Anti-Microbial Coated Grab Rail
  • Ducted overhead HVAC
  • Stryker Power Load Cot System
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