2016 Hillsboro Area Ambulance District Custom Chevrolet Ambulance


Congratulations to Hillsboro Area Ambulance District on the purchase of your 2016  AEV TraumaHawk Type III Chevrolet Remount.  Thank you for choosing to work with American Response Vehicles and our Staff. This Custom AEV ambulance hosts a series of custom features designed not only to provide a higher level of patient care, but provider safety.

  • 2016 GM, G3500 Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel
  • Phoenix installed over Steel Wheels
  • Light, Compartment: LED, Intertek #ZY-156-LEDC,
  • Front ICC Lts: (5) AMBER Kinequip LED No 112401A: Rear ICC Lts: (5) RED Kinequip LED No 112401R
  • Dome Lts, LED K15: Kinequip, (3) Streetside, (3) Curbside
  • Siren Speaker: Federal # ES100-ESMFT-EF, G 3500/4500
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