2016 Granite City Fire Department Custom Ford Ambulance


Congratulations to Granite City Fire Department on the purchase of your 2016 AEV TraumaHawk Type I Custom Ford. Thank you for choosing to work with American Response Vehicles and our Staff. This Custom AEV ambulance hosts a series of custom features designed not only to provide a higher level of patient care, but provider safety.

  • Liquid Spring Suspension
  • Headroom 74/72″ Finished Interior – Ducted A/C
  • Body Drop: 6″ Curbside, Ahead of Rear Wheels
  • Running Boards: F-Series Modular – 2 Door
  • Scene Flood Lights: LED Whelen M9 Series
  • Light Bar Alternative : 2 Across Front
  • Grill Lights : Whelen Wide Angle ION Series , LED
  • Hand Held Spot Light : Optronics , Blue Eye 400,000 CP
  • Camera System : Single Fixed Exterior White Camera Pkg
  • Siren: Whelen F-Series
  • Cot Mount : Stryker Dual Position , Floor Mount
  • Upholstery Color Dark Gray (Gunmetal)
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6.7L Diesel

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Type I

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