Type I ambulances are some of the largest ambulance options available. These vehicles have a square patient compartment and are mounted on a large, truck-like chassis. Most heavy-duty ambulances are of this type. Type I ambulances are often found at airports, chemical plants, oil refineries, and other locations that require ambulances to be equipped with medical equipment for Advanced Life Support.

With your choice of a Ford, Dodge, or Chevy chassis, ARV can provide you with the power and dependability that you need in a custom built modular ambulance. With the safest modular body in the industry and countless options available, we can ensure our ambulances will provide you with assurance and comfort while catering to your department’s needs.

Type I ambulances are available in different types of powertrains (such as 2- or 4-wheel drive) and come with a variety of feature options, regardless of the chassis you choose. Many ambulance features are added on after the chassis is built, and we will work with you to customize your vehicle to have all thefeatures you’re looking for.

Type I Ambulance Spec Chart

Model Length Width Headroom
Ford F-350 148″ 95″ 68″
Ford F-450 148″ 95″ 68″
Ford F-550 172″ 95″ 68″
Chevy Silverado C3500 144″ 95″ 68″
Dodge Ram 4500 148″ 95″ 68″
Dodge Ram 5500 172″ 95″ 68″

Not sure what Type I ambulance you need? Contact us to discuss your needs and to go over the different features of each of the makes and models you’re considering.

American Response Vehicles Service

No matter what brand you chose, a purchase at American Response Vehicles is about more than the sale. We believe in taking care of our customers’ needs both during and after purchase. In our eyes, service after the sale is just as important as the sale itself.

If your vehicle needs repairs or service, we will be there. We are ready and able to take care of your service P.M.S, suspension work, HVAC repairs or any other work your vehicles need.

Other ambulance services we provide include preventative maintenance and custom graphic design and wrapping.

We understand the importance of quick service in this industry. As soon as you need the work, we will deploy our fully stocked service vehicle to come to your facility to ensure your repairs are taken care of. You are also able to bring in your vehicle to our service center. Either way, we’ll take care of your service needs quickly and efficiently.

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