Medium-duty ambulances are constructed for those who require more out of their emergency response vehicles. With superior build quality, these ambulances are prepared to respond to any call. Whether for EMS, fire departments, or any other response needs, medium-duty ambulances are prepared to fulfill your needs.

What separates medium-duty ambulances from other options is the flexibility that comes with them. These chassis models are fully customizable, giving hospitals, emergency response departments, and others the ability to tailor the ambulance to their specific needs. Medium-duty ambulances are generally larger than their other counterparts, providing ample room for storage, and more capacity for transporting patients and larger response crews. These models range in length anywhere from 160” to 172” and 95” wide. Additionally, medium-duty ambulances provide extra headroom to move about the cabin more easily, (between 72” to 75”). A medium-duty ambulance is the perfect all-around ambulance to fit any situation and provide users with the flexibility to fill out their response vehicle with the necessary additions.

Our selection of ambulances here at American Response Vehicles is both expansive and affordable. With the ability to help create or locate the best ambulance for your needs, we encourage you to contact us to aid in your response vehicle search. We are also proud to offer nationwide shipping!