Freightliner ambulances are spacious heavy-duty emergency response vehicles that have become popular choices for fire department rescue squads. These large chassis ambulances are specifically designed to hold more equipment and personnel for emergency situations. With modules that can reach 170’’, Freightliner ambulances provide response teams with ample room to administer various life support tasks.

These “do-it-all” ambulances give teams the dependability and functionality to carry out any job, in any environment. With ample headroom and a wide-body style, transporting or providing basic life support services to multiple patients isn’t a problem. Freightliner ambulances are great options for rural communities who need to reach individuals in areas that stretch beyond paved roads, or urban communities who need to quickly provide care to multiple individuals.

With several chassis models available, Freightliner ambulances offer loads of customization. From additions like Stryker cot mounts to squad bench seating to 4×4 drivetrains, tailoring a Freightliner ambulance to your exact needs makes these emergency response vehicles great options for any hospital or city department.

Our selection of ambulances here at American Response Vehicles is both expansive and affordable. With the ability to help create or locate the best ambulance for your needs, we encourage you to contact us to aid in your response vehicle search. We are also proud to offer nationwide shipping!